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Eternity flooring presents soft & luxurious carpets made to resist stains as well as sunlight. Homeowners can enjoy the unmistakable splendour & softness of these wall-to-wall carpets for years to come.

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Bringing together high-quality carpet with the sumptuous beauty and incredible softness of innovative technology, Eternity carpets deliver exquisite comfort and a cosy feel perfect for today’s luxurious and style savvy homes.

Eternity flooring offers a wide range of elegant shades to fit different interior styles and schemes. Just scroll down and discover all available colours per product range. Select whatever  best fits your requirements and be assured that all of the colours will resist very well to sunlight.

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Crafted from 100% solution dyed Imprel FINESSE, Primrose is a sumptuous 1/10th Saxony style that brings indulgent comfort to your home.

Choose from everlasting, elegant colours that are stain and fade-resistant and bleach cleanable. Primrose comes with a lifetime stain promise and 20-year wear warranty.

Primrose 27
Primrose 30
Primrose 33
Primrose 35
Primrose 37
Primrose 43
Primrose 47
Primrose 63
Primrose 74
Primrose 77
Primrose 86
Primrose 90
Primrose 93
Primrose 95
Primrose 96
Primrose 97
Primrose 98
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Bring an eternally luxurious feel to your home with Lily, a beautiful 1/10th Saxony for a refined and elegant look.

Enjoy a lifetime of promised stain-resistance, safe in the knowledge that each of Lily's exquisite colours will never fade.

Lily 27
Lily 30
Lily 33
Lily 35
Lily 37
Lily 43
Lily 47
Lily 63
Lily 74
Lily 77
Lily 86
Lily 90
Lily 93
Lily 95
Lily 96
Lily 97
Lily 98
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