Eternal bleach

easy to clean

With the purchase of your ETERNITY floor you have opted for easy-care flooring. Please follow our advice and your carpet will maintain its appearance for years to come.

How to maintain
How to remove stains
How to install your carpet

Prevention is better

Place door mats in front of your home entrances to trap the dirt. Bear in mind that a dark colour floor in the entrance area won’t show dirt or stains as much as a light one.
Weekly maintenance

Vacuum your carpet at least once a week. We recommend vacuum cleaners with a beater-bar or rotating brushes. They raise the pile and remove soil between the yarn.
In-depth cleaning

Every 24 months we recommend a professional in-depth cleaning to preserve the appearance of your floor. Please consult your retailer to find the appropriate method of in-depth cleaning.

Stain removal advice

1. Mop up liquids as much as possible with a dry cloth. Remove solid dirt with a spoon.

2. Let the carpet dry out.

3. If traces of the stain are still visible, apply a carpet cleaning product or diluted bleach (10%) onto the stain. Leave it for a few seconds.

4. Gently rub with a clean white cloth and absorb the stain.

Download our care guide here

Fitting and installation

All Eternity carpets are equipped with Twinback, a comfortable, high-performing carpet backing for easy and quick installation. It consists of two-layers:

1. High-quality layer of a woven backing providing extra stability

2. Dense needle felt backing offering best comfort


Twinback = two-layered carpet backing for six-times more comfort



Eternity floors are wonderfully soft for a carpet with eternal luxury